About Valais Blacknose Sheep Westmorland:

The Westmorland Flock of Valais Blacknose Sheep was first started in u.s. open golf prize money 2020.  We were the the purchaser of the first lot at the very first auction of this breed in the lightning link!

We had been researching the Valais Blacknose breed for some time and we were considering travelling to Switzerland to learn about importing the sheep into the UK but when the Borders closed for importation it was seeming to become an almost impossible task.

We then heard about an auction at Wright & Marshall in Chelford and Tim and his Father decided to attend the auction to bid for our foundation Ewes.

We were successful at the auction and very excitedly they returned back to Cumbria with 5 Valais Ewes and 2 Valais gimmer lambs.  We were delighted with our purchases.  All the sheep were very well marked just as they should be, beautiful fleeces and were big strong healthy sheep.  We had wondered what the quality of the sheep would be like but we were very pleasantly surprised..

Our flock is now housed on our 195 acre farm in the Westmorland area of Cumbria and we are the first breeders of these Sheep in this area. Hence the reason for naming our flock with the prefix of Westmorland.

2 years on from this now sees us as one of the top breeders of Valais Blacknose Sheep in the UK.

We have successfully bred our own Ram ‘Westmorland Dancer’ who was sired by Prendwick Eros. Dancer was crowned Overall Male Champion and Overall Reserve Supreme Champion in 2016 at the annual Blacknose Beauties Show and Sale in Carlisle by a panel of Swiss Judges. He will remain with us as our stock sire for the foreseeable future.

Following on our success with the Ram Lamb one of our Ewe Lambs Westmorland Dilly was also crowned Reserve Female Champion and was sold the to Lee family through the sale.

2017 saw us retaining the overall male champion and overall reserve supreme champion for the second year running this time with a 6 month old Ram Lamb ‘Westmorland Edward who is Dancers Full brother. He was sold in the sale afterwards for 7,100 gns the highest price ever reached so far in an auction for this breed!

Any enquires regarding our sheep or wool will be greatly received.  Visitors to see our flock are always welcome by appointment.