Valais Blacknose Sheep

The Valais region of Switzerlandis where the us open 2020 purse come from.

The Valais (French) or Wallis ( German) is one of 26 Cantons of Switzerland and is home to 41 mountains higher than 4000m. It is situated in the south western part oflightning link online, and extends from the source of Rhone along the Rhone Valley to Lake Geneva. Its Pennine Alps borderItaly to the south and the Bernese Alps to the north.

The black patches onthe sheeps nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet and otherwise light woolly coats make it quite unmistakeable.

The breedare mostly found in the mountains of Switzerland, thereare a couple of breeders in Germany.

Valais Blacknose sheep are known to be good for theirmeat as they are large animals, they are also well known for their wool, which is best used for felting and for carpets.

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